Frequently Asked Questions

When and Where will camp be in 2020?

Power10 Camp 2020 will be right back where it started, Fountain Point Resort in Leelanau, MI, the weekend of June 18-21.

What should athletes bring to camp?

Athletes should bring sunscreen, water bottle, hat and sunglasses, and plenty of spandex.

Do i have to be a breast cancer survivor to attend camp?

Yes. You must have received a breast cancer diagnosis to attend Power10 Camp. While we know that cancer survivors diagnosed with other types of cancer can benefit from exercise, our funding and mission currently align with serving breast cancer survivors. 

How fit do I have to be to attend this camp?

Depending on which track you are eligible for and sign up for the fitness demands will differ. Learn-To-Row (LTR) Track athletes will be focused predominantly on learning the technique of the rowing stroke and gaining familiarity and comfort with it. Novice Track athletes will also have a main focus on technique but the goal will be to move the boat by six or even all eight people by the end of the camp. Masters Track athletes should be prepared for technical work in the mornings and a variety of pieces in the afternoons.

Can I participate if I don’t know how to swim?

We do not require that you know how to swim to attend camp but if that is the case then we will require that you wear a U.S. Coast Guard-approved personal flotation device (PFD) at all times when around or on the water. We will provide such PFDs for those who need them.

How big are the boats? How do we get the boats into the water?

The majority of the boats we will be using will be eight person sweep boats (appropriately called “eights”). They are about 60 feet long and can weigh around 300 pounds. These boats are generally stored on racks on land and need to be carried by the crews rowing them from the racks to the dock and placed in the water. If you are unable to carry boats for a medical reason (as opposed to it being heavy or difficult) we will excuse you from doing so. We will have volunteers, coaches, and other athletes who can help crews carry boats to and from the dock.

Why is this camp being held in Northern Michigan?

Our partnership with Fountain Point Resort allows us to row at one of the nation’s best rowing venues. Additionally, the resort itself has the feel of a great old summer hotel, the essence of a Michigan summer. The use of their hotel building will give the camp a focus and a center.

I’ve heard there are two types of rowing. What are they and which one will we be doing?

The two types of rowing are sweep rowing and sculling. In sweep rowing (the type of rowing we will be focused on at camp) each athlete is responsible for one oar while in sculling each athlete has an oar in each hand (two oars per athlete). Because of the asymmetry of sweep rowing, boats come in even numbers (2-, 4-, 4+, 8+ where the plus and minus indicate whether this is a coxed or uncoxed boat).

Do I need to wear anything special?

Because of the moving parts of both an on-land rowing machine and the boats in the water, loose clothing is discouraged as it can get caught in those moving parts. Spandex is a rowers best friend, but form-fitting clothing in any form works best.

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