Recovery on Water


Recovery on Water (ROW) is a rowing team that gives survivors of breast cancer the unique opportunity to interact, become active in their recovery, and gain support from fellow survivors.


The goal of the ROW program is to increase exercise consistency in people diagnosed with breast cancer and to improve their quality of life.

Recovery on Water provides free exercise programs for patients and survivors of breast cancer 7 days a week, year round: in rowing shells on the south branch of the Chicago River during the spring, summer, and fall, and on indoor rowing machines during winter months. 

Power10 Camp


POWER10 Camp is a rowing camp for breast cancer patients and survivors to create community, gain support and to empower women to reclaim their bodies after diagnosis.


In the sport of rowing, when in the middle of a race and it seems too hard to continue, crews will call a “Power 10” (10 hard strokes) to pick the boat up and move forward. This “Power 10” is an unspoken commitment from all the athletes in the boat to the race, to their coaches, to their teammates, and most importantly, to themselves. 

Power10 Camp is a four-day rowing camp that will help survivors make that commitment to themselves to keep pushing even when it feels like it’s impossible to continue. Located in Northern Michigan this camp is for patients and survivors of breast cancer and is hosted by Recovery on Water (ROW), the Lake Leelanau Rowing Club and Fountain Point Resort.

Power10 Camp serves women of all ages and in all stages of breast cancer treatment and recovery.